Birchwood Casey 60-1", 30-2", 20-3" 33938
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Manufacturer part number: 33938
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Manufacturer: Birchwood Casey

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These self-adhesive Target Spots come in highly visible atomic green. The crosshair design fulfills the needs of open sight shooters along with scope users. Easily line up your open sights on the center square or lay the crosshairs along the vertical and horizontal diminishing lines. As an additional option, turn the Target Spots slightly to position the crosshairs in an "X" pattern.

Key Features:

- Self-Adhesive Targets
- High-contrast, atomic green color

Size: 1", 2", 3" Green Spots
Quantity: 110 Targets (60-1", 30-2", 20-3")

Products specifications
Size 1", 2", 3" Round
Units per box 60-1" Targets 30-2" Targets 10-3" Targets
Type Target